Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bethel Historical Society Program

    Glenolden Park about 65 years ago. The dam in the picture can barely be seen today. The park was created in the late 1930's by the W.P.A. on land given to the boro for back taxes. In this picture Knowles Ave. would be to your right and that train in the background is the B.& O. Railroad.

                                              Bethel Township Preservation Society
                                                   presents Special Guest Speaker
                                                              Albert Eelman
                             7:30 PM at the John L. Myers Memorial Township Building,
                                         1082 Bethel Road Garnet Valley, PA 19060
                                                           Tuesday January 29th

    Albert Eelman is a long time member of the American Chestnut Foundation and past president of the PA chapter. The foundation's mission is to restore the American Chestnut tree to the Appalachian forests. The American Chestnut was completely wiped out from Maine to Georgia between 1904 and 1940. The rapid spread of the blight wiped out one quarter of all the hardwoods in the eastern United States. We are breeding a tree that will incorporate the blight resistance of the Chinese Chestnut into the American tree.

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