Thursday, January 5, 2012

Delaware County Marriages and Closed Historical Sites

   Before September 30, 1885 marriage licenses were not required in the state of Penna. Before then there was just a church record if that. Many couples put announcements in the local paper. I and my typing committee have just started a large project copying marriage notices that were put in the Delaware County Republican newspaper from 1833 thru the 1880's. This will take awhile there are thousands of names but it will be a big help to people doing research. More historical events have been added to my website
The Morton Homestead in 1948
  Speaking of history wouldn't it be nice if the county or state reopened the Morton Mortonson Homestead on Lincoln Ave. in Prospect Park. As the oldest standing home in Penna. it would be nice if it was once again opened for visitors. Even a few hours on weekends would be nice. Any comments?

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