Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saving the Past

 The call came in about a month ago. A Delco Fire Co was getting ready to celebrate their 75 anniversary. They had no history at all the old minute books were gone. But what they were really looking for was pictures of their old firehouse. The old firehouse was still standing and the fire company had been in the building for over 40 years. But they did not have one single picture of the building when it was a firehouse, none. Hard to believe isn't it ? Happens all the time. Other Fire Co's. and organizations have contacted me in the past. Same thing, no pictures, no information. All of it was lost or tossed. If you do not want to keep it or have no space give the records and pictures to your local historical society. It's not just local groups either.
  In the 1980's Delaware County threw out all sorts of things. Among them, the first 100 years of Delaware County tax records. Luckily a professor heard about it and literally dumpster dived to save almost all of them. They were at Neuman College for years and have been given back to the county just a few years ago. Without that professor we would have lost them all. So don't toss it!! Save it or give it to someone.

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